Das coole Musikprojekt meiner Frau  !!!

Und ich darf auch ein bissi mitspielen... immer wieder...


Karibiksound vom Feinsten!!


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In her debut album “Sentimental” Alibee traverses a rich musical tapestry of Caribbean sounds, Latin rhythms and sensual pop ballads. 


After the release of a teaser EP “fire water earth + sky” in 2010, this CD shows the emergence of the maturing singer and artist Alicia Bankhofer (Alibee), who has taken her expression to the next natural level. The album tracks are reminiscent of Norah Jones or Gotan Project at times, influences into which the songwriter taps while promoting her own island influences (Alicia is originally from Trinidad and Tobago). 


Her desire to have a purer natural sound this time around is reflected in her choice of instruments. Instinctively she reached for the Steelpan (from Trinidad) which adds a colourful complement to the mix of accordion, bassoon, cajon, contrabass and acoustic guitar, creating sensual moods that dance to an exotic beat. 


The musicians she has chosen to work with are talented and seasoned –their joy and passion for the project has been clearly visible at various recent shows, from intimate bars to concerts in large halls as was the case when Alibee supported Joan Armatrading last year at the Gasometer in Vienna. 


This harmony is reflected in the songs presented on the album. “Treasure” and “This is our calling” are carefree and playful compositions while the tracks “Take a chance” or “I care for you” reveal a serious side of Alibee: reflective, unadulterated and

powerfully heartfelt. Together the 11 songs make “Sentimental” a mature collection that lingers beyond every listen.